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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your Authority to transport?

U.S. Code title 18, section 3182 Extradition Act. Our officers are authorized to take custody, transport, and house prisoners en route to their destination.

Are you armed while transporting?

Yes, all of Strike Force Special Ops Agents are certified and licensed to carry firearms, in accordance to state law.

Can any law enforcement agency use your service?

Yes, any official agency.

Do you drug test your employees?

Yes, we randomly drug-test our Agents.

Do you offer training for your employees?

All employees undergo a transport officer training program conducted by Strike Force Special Ops training Agent or Authorized training Instructor.

Are all prisoners restrained?

All prisoners moved by Strike Force Special Ops agents are moved in full restraints (waist chains, leg irons and handcuffs). We take appropriate security precautions.

Are your Agents firearm trained and certified?

Yes, all SFSO Agents are fully trained and qualified in use of firearms.