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Anti-Terrorism Strategies

Safeguarding Critical / Sensitive Facilities

Strike Force Special Ops Anti-Terrorism Officers are specially selected, trained and equipped for deployment in situations where terrorism or other potential for violent activity is a critical risk. Our Anti-Terrorism Officers can supplement government security forces where necessary to fill gaps and meet needs consistent with Homeland Security requirements. For private industry, our Officers provide a significant upgrade from conventional security services for those special situations that call for a full-strength security presence.

SFSO will provide a thorough vulnerability assessment, and provide a comprehensive security plan, which can include our Officers in the training and in the execution of the plan. Situations that call for this level of sophisticated security include:

  • Air Transportation, including Airports and Private Aviation
  • Maritime Transportation, including Cruise Lines, Cargo Lines, and Port Security
  • Civilian infrastructure, such as Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants, Pipelines
  • Chemical plants, Nuclear plants, Sites with Hazardous Materials
  • Ground Transportation, including Rail and Trucking
  • Supplemental Security at military bases, embassies, government facilities
  • Public events and venues

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