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Maritime/Port Security

Strike Force Special Ops Maritime and Port Security services are designed to address the current reality of risks to ships and marine infrastructure. With the news headlines of terrorism, threats and piracy every public and private organization must have a comprehensive security plan that can be executed consistently and effectively.

Strike Force Special Ops senior security staff will work with you to assess the security risks and design a comprehensive Security Plan that addresses potential threats and closes vulnerability gaps. Once in place, the program ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines, reduces risks of violence or other crimes at sea or in port, and provides your crew and customers with a better sense of safety and security.

Strike Force Special Ops services can be arranged at all ports in the US, as well as for any vessel traveling to or from the US. All services are completed consistently with US and foreign regulations, as appropriate to each situation. Service components include vulnerability assessment, screening of passengers, baggage, cargo, patrols, and surveillance technology.

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